Monday, February 11, 2013


As long as I can remember, I have been woken by my dreams. Just shot straight up in bed, breath short, body covered in cold sweats. Disoriented. Confused. 

Sometimes I remember what I was dreaming, and sometimes I don't. But you can never really shake that feeling that there was a specific reason for whatever you were dreaming, can you? 

No one really knows why it is we dream. Messages from our subconscious, memories from a past life, God's way of communicating with us.... the list goes on. And almost all of the theories are fascinating. I wouldn't be shocked if it were proven any one of them true. Except for maybe one. I can't believe that dreams are..nothing. They are too real, too dark, ominous, happy, beautiful, spontaneous. No. I refuse to think that dreams are nothing more than meaningless drivel from the dustiest corners of our minds.

I have several theories of my own. But I'll keep those to myself for now. More so, this blog is to let people take a peek into my mind. I want you to live my dreams with me. Perhaps shed some light onto what it is my mind, or whoever/whatever, is trying to tell me. Since I was a child I have been obsessed with my dreams. Reading books, drawing pictures, retelling them, trying to relive them, remembering them, pondering them, looking up articles, watching documentaries. Theres something inside of me that knows it all means something. 

Now, there is no theme to my dreams. Which is what makes it that much more difficult. I think every dream has its own individual meaning. They are all very different. Some are beautiful, and almost fairy-tale like. Magical. While others, are dark, mysterious, and cryptic. Some of these dreams may insult you. Make you feel uncomfortable. Others might make you laugh. Even cry. Whatever the emotion that is sparked in you, I want you to think 'why'. Why does it make me feel this way? Does it hit too close to home? Is it a dream you yourself have had, or similar to one you've had? Do you see the bigger meaning in it? Whatever it may be. Follow me down the rabbit hole....

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